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Selam Fellow Eritreans!


Have you ever wondered what does it mean to BE Eritrean? 

Apart from the food, coffee and dress, how much do we know about the culture and history of Eritrea?

How much of the culture and history do you share with other others with pride?

In my pursuit to answer these questions, I began searching online, where I found ...

Lots of news articles

Interviews and videos that were hours long

Little information for someone who is just beginning to learn

And lack of diversity ... much of the information was on political news

I struggled to engage

Because I was hoping to find the human behind the stories

I was looking for the positives and celebrations in the narratives

I was trying to listen to the different tones in the voices

Here’s where the seed of Tale Tailor was sown almost two years ago. A mere notion and then desire to explore that faint thread connecting me to a small country in the horn of Africa. Can you sense a connecting thread?

My plan is to collect stories of Eritreans, including my own, and share them on Tale Tailor. Through Tale Tailor I hope to explore the deep oceans of these stories and find many pearls of wisdom.

In the meantime, I have put together a series of short stories of three Eritrean women to give you a flavour of what to expect.

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Life in the UK was not the bed of roses 3 eritrean women had expected

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